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Rukiya Robinson

Founder and CEO of e2s Strategies and e2s Coaching


Executive Business Coach

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Rukiya’s energy is fueled by her passion. She has been known to help her clients create mind-blowing results in a short amount of time. (Individual client results vary) She doesn't take all of the credit though! Her clients tend to be high-performing, high-capacity, motivated and ambitious individuals. Because of this, she has the unique ability to tap into their greatness and help catapult their success. 


Over the years, she has worked with numerous organizations, leadership and business teams, small businesses, and women entrepreneurs. She collaborates with her clients to increase their impact, leadership ability, influence, and emotional intelligence. She understands business, how organizations function, how high-performing teams function, what drives success, and what leaders need to move their organizations and teams forward. She is adept at developing business leaders, has strong business acumen, plus an understanding of how successful leaders and businesses thrive.

Rukiya brings more than just a professional certification to her coaching clients. Her background and experience uniquely positions her to connect with and empathize with a leader's journey because she is a leader, entrepreneur, and small business owner. She has had years of corporate experience before becoming a thriving entrepreneur as well as successfully overcoming her own challenges. She brings wisdom, knowledge as well as a safe space and support for her clients to be vulnerable, dig deep, source the root challenges so that together, you can remove the roadblocks. This puts her clients in the best position to experience optimal growth.

"Rukiya has a gift for asking the questions that get to the heart of what is rolling around in a leader's mind. In our work together there have been so many times when she has asked a question or made an observation that quickly cuts through the noise in my head and my organization get to the heart of the matter. Her driving positivity paired with a no-nonsense sensibility make her a powerful coach and leader. I am so grateful to have worked with her!"

L. Abel, Founder of Abel Project Management & Facilitation
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