Women are entering entrepreneurship in record-breaking numbers


  • Four in ten (41%) new entrepreneurs are women.

  • 44% of women who are starting firms are women of color. Black women are the most entrepreneurial population in the country.

  • In 2016 the rate of women entrepreneurs saw the biggest increase in almost two decades.


Source: Inc Magazine 10 Surprising Facts About Female Founders for 2017 by Lisa Calhoun


Challenges Still Facing Women Entrepreneurs


  • Lack of mentorship & role models. More women than ever are starting their own businesses, but who can they turn to for advice and counsel? While male entrepreneurs have an abundance of potential mentors, there are fewer women at the top with experience to pass down.



Source: Women’s Entrepreneurship: 2017 State of Women in Business by Kiera Abbamonte — Published in Entrepreneurship,  Women & Business on March 07, 2017