What's Hurting Your Business and as an Entrepreneur: Lack of Clarity

Plain and simple, lack of clarity is a killer to your success and progress.

Every business owner and entrepreneur wants to experience business success. It is a common desire.

Successs is attainable when you have the clarity you need on the outcome that you desire.

For example, business owners often say, "I want to increase revenue" or "I want to make more money". This is a common desire in business and people. Organizations and corporations create strategies around it, entrepreneurs desire it, and even employees want to make more money.

But from a business perspective, what does that look like?  How much revenue?  

Is that $10? $500? $1,000 $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, $500,000, $1,000,000?

You need specificity on what that number is to determine what it’s going to take to get there.  

Another example I hear clients express is “I want more clients.”, "I want to increase sales", or "I want to secure new business".

This is another natural desire being in business.  Of course! Clients and customers are the lifeblood to a business!   But again, what does that mean? 10 clients, 20 clients, 50 clients or 10 of the right corporate or private clients that meet a criterion that you have established. 

If you aren’t specific in the number of clients you want in your business, you will run after anything that looks remotely close to what you want or anything that will bring in money. This not so best practice could result in over promising and under delivering, having multiple clients all with different needs that you aren’t able to successfully deliver on or a myriad of other things.   

You must have clarity so that you can vet your opportunities.  Is this going to be good for the business? Good in terms of creating lasting long-term professional relationships and partnerships? Increasing revenue through the key revenue drivers? Is this going to be good for the team? Is this a good fit for your core competencies? Is this going to be good for you – the CEO and decision maker?

All perceived opportunities aren’t the right opportunities.  Because of this, every business should have criteria that can be used as a guide by which you follow to determine what’s good for the business.  

Likewise, you want clarity on what you want to experience in business, clarity on the experience you want to provide your clients, and clarity on what you want to have and clarity on how you want to be known in the marketplace.

If your business goals are vague, if your desired outcomes are vague or too general, you won’t know where to focus your efforts.  

One of the biggest mistakes often made in business is not taking the time to obtain clarity.  The lack of clarity results in not knowing what to do. When you don’t know what to do, you don’t do anything, you do the wrong things, or you do everything.  When you are not clear on those things that will help you reach your desired outcome, you can’t reach your desired outcome because you don’t know what you should be doing.

When you aren’t clear on what to do, you can lose confidence, lose momentum, get stuck and stay stuck. 

3 things you need absolute clarity on to achieve entrepreneurial and business success:

  • Clarity on the business outcome you desire

  • Clarity on your business goals

  • Clarity on the activities that you should be doing to get you there

Thoughtful planning also brings clarity on:

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Purpose

Clarity also tells you what you should not be doing which is anything that is in direct conflict of what you desire.