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We customize your leadership coaching experience with data. 

Discover what will take your leadership ability to the next level. There are multiple methods we use to gather relevant information to customize a development plan. We work with the EQi 2.0 suite of assessment tools to measure emotional intelligence competencies and then prepare a customized coaching program.


These instruments are powerful consultative and coaching tools that deliver clear, measurable results as the basis for analysis and development program customization.  Assessment tools measure a leader's competencies and performance. They reveal hidden strengths and identify the development opportunities.

In a Meeting

The EQi 2.0 Model

The EQ-i 2.0 TM is a ‘scientifically’ valid, reliable assessment of emotional intelligence skills that can be developed. It greatly assists clients to gain awareness of their strengths and areas for developmental focus. ​

How can an Emotional Intelligent Leader benefit your organization?
EQi 2.0 Model.jpg
  • Improved decision-making

  • Strengthened ability to understand and manage conflict and stress

  • Empowered leaders to navigate and manage change

  • Know how to effectively influence and motivate employees

  • Enhanced professional relations and social interactions with peers and teams

  • Ability to cultivate trust and build positive relationships

  • Contribute to a positive culture and workplace

  • Congruent Leadership teams

  • Improved team and employee engagement

Data tells the story

We use several data gathering methods to get a clear picture and understanding of each coaching clients current reality. Whether it’s an analysis of your organization's current position, to evaluate the efficacy of your leadership development programs, or to assess your leader's effectiveness and impact on others, addressing toxic leadership behaviors or emerging leaders, we are adept at getting to the root and uncovering hidden barriers to success so that together, we can produce the fruit your organization needs and desires. 

Our data gathering methods:

Employee Engagement surveys
Organizational Culture Analysis

EQi 2.0 Leadership Assessments
EQi 360 2.0 peer rater surveys

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