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Equipping Leaders your organization needs and team willingly follow.

C-Level Executives rely on their leadership teams to carry out the strategic initiatives. We coach Senior Level Leaders that include Presidents, VP’s, Sr. Directors, Directors, GMs, Managers, and high-potential leaders in developing the people and business skills that leaders need to drive organizational success.


Through leadership coaching, we partner with your leaders in providing a growth path that creates leaders of the future, now.


This is a fully immersive growth experience.

Creative Office

Did you know that Leadership Development is Risk Management?


Ill-equipped leaders, underdeveloped leaders, and destructive leadership styles create risks to organizations. Ill-equipped and underdeveloped leaders contribute to toxic work environments, make decisions that adversely impact organizations and teams, have unconscious bias, aren’t equipped to turn a poor work culture around, and are disconnected from the realities they create. These are just a few of the many risks that impact organizations and teams. 


We help mitigate organizational risks. 


We work with organizations that proactively invest in their leaders and organizations that are reacting to the risks that ill-equipped leaders have caused.  

Confident Business People

At e2s Coaching, we understand the structure of organizations. Our certified executive coaches and consultants know precisely how to help your Senior Level Leaders reach their full potential through a seamless process that includes:

  • Administering leadership assessments 

  • Journeying through self-exploration and identifying goals

  • Building self-awareness

  • Developing a promotion path and/or succession plan

  • Modeling behavioral change for optimal growth

Invest in Leadership Outcomes.

Our leadership coaching focuses on defining what success looks like, aligns with the needs of your organization, helps to maximize your strengths, and develops the leadership skills and behaviors the organization needs most.


When it comes to minimizing risk to organizations having an outcome-driven leadership development program works as your risk management. You need competent and equipped leaders that you can trust to lead their teams, execute strategic business initiatives, and produce results.

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